1. What do I need if I want to rent a pistol or shooting package?
    • You will need to be at least 21 years of age and possess a valid form of government issued identification.
  2. How old do you have to be to shoot at Jefferson Indoor Shooting Range?
    • You must me no younger than 10 years of age to enter the shooting lanes and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. A parent or guardian must complete the waiver and training video as well.
  3. What is included with the Shooting packages?
    • Shooting packages are “all-inclusive”, meaning the rental of the firearm, sight and hearing protection, ammunition, targets, a shooting team T-Shirt and the presence of a range safety officer are all included in the price of a rental package.
  4. If I own my own Firearm, can I shoot it at Jefferson Indoor Range?
    • Of course! With the provision that it is NOT a Rifle caliber or Shotgun caliber rifle, pistol or shotgun. We allow pistol caliber firearms only up to .44 Magnum. Pistol caliber Rifles are permitted.
  5. If I rent a firearm, can I bring my own Ammunition?
    • Unfortunately no. We do not allow outside ammunition in our firearms. If you rent a firearm, you must purchase our ammunition. This is for safety and security, as well as regulating any damage that could be caused to the range facility from non-standard munitions.
  6. What is the appropriate attire for the shooting range?
    • Anyone shooting at the range should be mindful that cartridges ejected from firearms are extremely HOT and WILL burn you if they come in contact with bare skin. Keep this in mind when you dress for the range and try to avoid items of clothing that expose skin. This can include, but is not limited to, Shorts, flip-flop style shoes, open toed shoes, low cut shirts, tank tops or “Muscle” shirts, and and all “Flammable” items, etc. It is also highly recommended that you wear a hat or ball-cap to deflect spent casings from your face, hair or head. Visors are not recommended as they can trap rounds on your exposed head. Hot casings falling onto skin and burning someone can cause them to flail around or inadvertently point a loaded weapon at someone… if you are burned, simply place your firearm on the bench BEFORE attempting to remove the hot casing in order to prevent possible accidents on the firing line.
    • With these recommendations, please keep in mind that accidents can happen at anytime. ALWAYS keep your weapon pointed DOWN RANGE (toward the targets). ALWAYS keep your finger OFF the trigger until you are ready to fire a round. NEVER point your weapon (loaded or not) at anyone or anything you do not want to destroy or kill. If you are observed being unsafe or not following safety guidelines, you will be promptly asked to leave the facility.
  7. Do I need to have experience with a firearm prior to visiting Jefferson Indoor Range?
    • No prior experience is required, however, it is highly recommended that you have some experience with a firearm prior to shooting. While we can provide range instruction by a certified range safety officer, The Shooters Club in Harrahan, La holds basic firearms training classes that we encourage anyone who has no prior experience with firearms to attend.
  8. Can I bring my own Ammunition?
    • Yes. You may bring your own Ammunition for YOUR OWN firearms. At no time will outside ammunition be allowed in range rental firearms.
  9. Am I allowed to pose for pictures on the firing line with my friend or relative?
    • No. Every firearm should be treated as if it were loaded. At no time is anyone allowed to bring a firearm outside of the firing lane that is not bagged, boxed or holstered. Please lock all slides back as well to ensure they are unloaded and safe to our staff. ALL firearms are subject to inspection at anytime.

If you have any further questions or comments, please visit our “CONTACT US” page.