Welcome to Jefferson Indoor Range, home of the New Orleans metro areas newest indoor shooting range.IMG_2793

At Jefferson Indoor Range, we specialize in all of your shooting and firearms needs. Whether it’s trying out a new firearm as a hobby or for self defense; pistol rental for a day of shooting; full-automatic or semi-automatic package rental; or just target shooting for fun, we can assist you.

We offer full range facilities for those wanting to bring their own pistol caliber firearms, rent a pistol package, or enjoy one of our full or semi automatic packages yourself or with a group as well as a spectator seating area with Soda and Snacks.

Our facilities are staffed by current and former military and law enforcement officers and also by fellow civilian gun enthusiasts. We cater to the tactical, sport shooting and the hunter’s market.

If there’s something you’re looking for, we can help you find it. Feel free to email or call us for any more information or with any questions you may have by clicking the “contact us” link in the menu to the right.

Do you plan on visiting us?

Save time now... register and complete a short training video and waiver now before you arrive. Then, simply tell our staff that you've completed the online training and provide your date of birth and you're ready to head into the range! Note: This video and waiver are required upon your arrival at Jefferson Indoor if you have not previously completed it online.


What should you bring?

  1. A range bag, holster or firearms case.
    • Your firearm(s) should be safe and secured at all times. This means UNLOADED in a proper range bag, holster or factory/commercial gun case.
    • Proper safety of all firearms is paramount and can only be a positive thing for all patrons, preventing the possibility of negligent discharge.
  2. Hearing and Eye Protection.
    • Certified Hearing and eye protection is required at all times in the range area. We recommend hearing protection of at least 25+ decibels and ballistic rated eye protection.
  3. Clothing and safety equipment.
    • We recommend you wear CLOSED-TOED shoes as well as a shirt with a normal collar (no v-neck, low-cut, etc.). When expended cartridges are ejected from firearms, they are extremely hot. Even the casing touching your skin in enough time for it to bounce off will leave a mark visible the next day. There have been several instances of harm or death occurring due to hot casings falling into a shirt while the shooter is on the range. Don't let this happen to you... come prepared.
    • We highly recommend bringing wet-wipes and band-aids. When it comes to firearms, things happen... slides can cut even the most experienced of shooters.
    • Cleaning solution. We recommend purchasing a lead cleaning solution, such as "LEAD-OFF". We also caution against eating in the lounge area or following any range visit until you have thoroughly cleaned your hands and face.

CAUTION: If you have your own firearm and will be arriving with it, please ensure it is UNLOADED with the slide LOCKED BACK. It is strictly forbidden to load any weapon (including magazines) in the lounge or seating areas. All loading must be done on the range and in your assigned lane. At no time should you leave the walled lane you are assigned to load a magazine. NOTICE: Leaving the walled lane you are assigned with a firearm (other than transporting it to the lobby to resolve your tab) could result in expulsion from the property.

AT NO TIME is horseplay, mock aiming, unsafe use of firearms, etc. allowed in the range, lobby or surrounding property of Jefferson Indoor Range. Doing so could result in expulsion or banning from the property.

We also offer a large selection of handguns for rental use.  ALL Pistol Rentals and Rental Packages require the use of Jefferson Indoor Range Ammunition... no exceptions.

* Memberships are available with a discounted rate on lane rentals, equipment use, etc.


  • Shooting Lane Rental Fee: $22.50 per hour*
  • Additional Shooter Fee: $9.95 each
  • Pistol Rental: $15.00 per pistol (unless otherwise marked)
  • Ammunition Fees vary based on caliber needed (NOTE: you must purchase our ammunition when using our rental firearms).

Our facility is open seven (7) days a week. Monday thru Saturday 10am to 8pm and Sunday 11am to 6pm.

The shooting range consists of fourteen (14) firing lanes and is 25 yards in length.


*PLEASE NOTE: If you are arriving with a firearm, it must be unloaded, holstered or boxed, and safe. Violators will be asked to promptly leave the facility. All firearms are subject to inspection prior to entering the range.

The Shooters Club is an indoor PISTOL CALIBER rated range facility. Handgun Caliber Rifles are acceptable (up to 44 Magnum), however, Shotguns and shotgun ammunition (including pistols or rifles that fire shotgun ammunition) are NOT allowed in the facility at any time. We do offer rifle caliber firearm rentals in semi-automatic and Fully-Automatic packages. NO BLACK POWDER FIREARMS ARE ALLOWED IN THE RANGE. Rifle caliber firearms configured as a "PISTOL" (ie. an AR-15 pistol, mini-draco, etc.) do NOT constitute PISTOL CALIBER AMMUNITION.


First and foremost, SAFETY AT ALL TIMES. The range rules are established to provide the safest possible shooting experience for our customers and staff members. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or have concerns regarding another customer, staff member, etc. please bring it to a Range Officer or Manager's attention immediately. All basic firearms rules apply at all times.

  • Limit two (2) customers per lane (even if observing), only one active shooter at any time and NO CROSS-LANE SHOOTING IS ALLOWED.
  • Eye and Ear protection is required AT ALL TIMES within the firing lane area.
  • No unattended firearms are allowed AT ANY TIME.
  • No loading/unloading of firearms is allowed in the lobby area or outside the firing line. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • No Food, Drink or TABACCO usage of any kind is allowed in the range (this includes DIP).
  • No Holstering of firearms or drawing from a holster, holster drills, etc. allowed unless accompanied or certified by a Range Safety Officer.
  • SHOTGUN ROUNDS ARE NOT ALLOWED AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON (This includes pistols or revolvers that fire shotgun caliber ammunition).
  • No Steel, armor penetrating/bimetallic, tracer or incendiary ammunition (or any round that a magnet can pickup from the tip of the bullet).
  • No uncasing or unpacking of firearms outside of the firing line.
  • At no time will anyone that the staff feels is unable to safely operate a firearm be allowed to do so.
  • ANY AND ALL RENTAL firearms require the purchase of JIR Ammunition.
  • Customers are required to observe any and all Range Officer Commands at all times.
  • We reserve the right to limit the use of target types, styles, sizes, means of mounting, etc. at all times. If you are unsure if your target is allowed at the range, ask. (We DO NOT allow targets such as index cards, paper plates, etc.)
  • IF your firearms malfunctions and you are unfamiliar or unsure of how to clear the malfunction, contact a Range Office Immediately. DO NOT take the firearm from the firing lane.
  • NO REFUNDS of any kind are provided for any party or parties that are expelled for safety violations or inappropriate acts, behavior, rule violations, etc.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.